John Urbanski:

My Parents: Best Friends, Mentors, Business Partners

I would be really remiss if I didn’t mention this. We go through life knowing our parents as our parents. Some people spend a lot of time with their parents and ...
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Jeff Perry:

Kilimanjaro Diary

I’m now sitting in a plane waiting to depart from Atlanta. It is raining like crazy outside with lots of thunder and lightning ...
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Eddie Rojas:

A Rattlesnake Bite Changed the Makeup of My Family

I was born in Caterinas, Texas. Then from there my mother took me over to stay with my grandmother close to Laredo, Mexico - to keep my grandmother company. It was ...
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Elizabeth Lucille Rozelle:

Growing up in Hancock County, Ohio

My maiden name is German, but amazingly enough we are French, almost full-blooded French. I don’t speak it anymore, but at one time that was about all that was spoken in ...
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Ruth Sampson:

I Loved Working on Grassland Farm

In my family, there were four of us, three girls and a brother. Margaret was the oldest; I was second, then Robert and then Mary Louise. We grew up on a ...
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Bernard "Barney" Bricmont:

USA, Europe, then--Just Before WWII-- Back to the USA

My father was born in Campbell. But at sixteen years of age his father had ten acres of grapes in Campbell. He was a bricklayer in San Francisco. He and his ...
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Aldo Cooper:

Dad Ran the Car Ferry between Florida and Havana, Cuba

When I was born, my dad was a chief engineer in the merchant marine. He used to run the car ferry between Key West, Florida, and Havana, Cuba. Of course when ...
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Bequia Cooper:

In Winter, there Weren’t Enough Scarves to Go Around, So Mother Bundled Me Up in a Dish Towel

We learned to love ice. It’s very, very cold in Bismarck. There are sub-zero temperatures with wind-chill that takes you away, way below zero. We grew up on the ice skating ...
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Rick James:

Dad Was an Actor in TV and Western Movies; Mom was a Real-Life Native American Indian Princess

As a very young child I was raised out in the country. My dad was an actor in movies and TV shows. He was a horseman from the east coast. He ...
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Doug and Ginger Levick:

I’m 71 Years Old Today

Hard to believe it, I’m 71. I never thought I’d be as active and able as I am at this age. When you think about somebody 70 years old they seem ...
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Ron Lyons:

My Life has Been an Adventure

If my life were a book, the headline would have to have the word “adventure” in it. My life has been an adventure, and that wasn’t an accident. I just like adventure.

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Jim McGovern:

I was a typical child of the depression

I was a typical child of the depression. We didn’t have any money. My father had come out of WWI working part-time as a taxi cab driver. He didn’t own the ...
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Suzanne Millar:

The Millar Family Gets Together for a Reunion

I am Susanne M. Millar, born Susanne Elizabeth McDonell, in San Francisco, CA on April 4th, 1968 (the same unhappy day that MLK was shot). I was born at Letterman Hospital ...
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Denise Morra:

Falling Asleep to Movie Soundtracks and Puerto Rican Music

We lived on the fifth floor of an apartment building in New York. The steps were marble; it was a beautiful building, but it was right above a movie theater. Across ...
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Monserrat Sanz:

Growing up near Guadalajara, Spain

My mother, my sister and I would ...
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Analydia Scoggins:

I Grew Up in pre-Castro Cuba

I understand that my father’s name came from the Catalonia area of Spain. My mother’s family comes mainly from Galicia and Asturias in Spain. But that was generations before I was ...
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Kathleen Gambogi:

I Live in a Tiny Mexican Town, and Live by Selling my Paintings

I’ve been doing a lot of selling it, and doing very well. My art is evolving and I am now into doing large tropical paintings. A few days ago I sold ...
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Richard Magen:

The Life and Times of a Kid from Philly

Most of my recollections begin when I was ten or eleven years old. I grew up in west Philadelphia until I was seven years old. I grew up in a Jewish ...
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Edward John McInerney:

I Was One of Those Quiet, Reserved Kids

I went to San Clemente Elementary school in Corte Madera, CA until third grade then moved and went to Greenbrae from third grade to sixth grade. Then I went to Kentfield ...
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Fred First:

The Long Way Home

It could not have been any harder to leave one of the children behind when we moved away. I know that parting with our dog was one of the most agonizing ...
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