My Life

 Well, I don't really know how to start this but ammm... Well I'm 17 now and...I used to have a lot of stuff - the kind I need and the kind ...
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Kevin Langley:



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Catherine Browning McFarlane: My Mother Was A Lady (beloved books, beloved world)

The photo that should be here is the one I have framed on my wall. It is a 1930s print of a mother reading to her young children. She is smartly ...
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Debra Juhl Jones-Miller:


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Leonard Pettigrew:  


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Ayis Caperonis:

This is the story of my life...

As a young kid I dreamt about going to the Olympics like my father, I was quick, coordinated and had good balance…. That all changed on October 18 1988 when at ...
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Pam Blewster Schoultheis:


grew up in a house my parents had built, in a small county island on the west end of Visalia.  Middle class working neighborhood, many of the Dad

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Words of Wisdom

Think before you act

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charlotte gibbs:

 The Life of Charlotte Heller-Gibbs

 I was born to Darlene and Willie Gene Heller on May 17, 1977.  In a little country town , Baxley Ga. Entering into a world of love, joy and peace, at ...
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Paul M. McLaughlin:

 Your background isn’t as important as what you do with your future. Donora (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania to Portland and Eugene, Oregon

Paul M. McLaughlin. Paul and his twin sister almost lost their life from Severe Child ...
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Demetria Carter: In the Beginning

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John Keoni Brown:

Thank You

thank him ...
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Stevy: Finding true happiness.

Life is ful of drama,frustrations,disappointments, i blv i can't have life until i start living. Once a while,i thought dating would make me happy until i tried one beautiful torned ...
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 Overcoming my childhood tradegy

  In 1979, I was eleven years old and thought I had the world by the hand, only in a brief moment my life would change forever. I was cooking a ...
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Richard Ozanne:


My life has been about art. My parents and their parents too...If I went back it would be well over 150 years. Why not utilize my own "dream", afterall it is ...
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Elvira de Guia Zamora: Reflection on my Infancy and Toddlerhood focusing on Physical and Cognitive Development

  I interviewed my mom who ...
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Rev. Theresa M. Lister:


I did travel across country when I was about 15yrs, I want to disney world.

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Elizabeth: Thank You

i am most grateful for my mom and my stepdad they have always been there for me everystep of the way and still are the still help me and my daughter ...
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 Pure Souls: A Journey to Purity

On a stormy spring day in May of 1969, was a first-born daughter to a couple who lived in the small town of Kiel, Wisconsin. My dad has ...
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DONTAE CAUSEY BORN ON DEMECBER 21 1986 IN MILWAUKEE WICSION better known by his stage name Dontae and chris is an American R&B AND Gospel Artist singer-songwriter DONTAE MOVE TO HAMILTON ...
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