Eugene C. Robertson:

I Did the Artwork for the High School Newspaper

One of my best high school memories was doing artwork for the Hanford High School newspaper, the Meteor.  Doing a regular comic strip was the most fun. It made me somewhat of a ...
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Elnora Taylor:

My Husband-to-Be and Our Clockwork Engagement

While I was working as an usher in the theater, it was my job to make sure that no one put their feet on the seats. I had a friend who ...
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John Matson:

Dodie, we’re in deep, deep trouble!

I don’t remember that I ever had an official first date.  We would get together as groups of guys, a bunch of girls, whatever.  Probably the ...
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Denise Morra:

Bill Takes a Mid-Winter Swim in a Pool Filled with Old Tires

The first house in Schenectady had an above-ground pool in the back. Bill had the idea to put old tires in the pool during the winter to absorb the compression of ...
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Kathleen Gambogi:

I Live in a Tiny Mexican Town, and Live by Selling my Paintings

I’ve been doing a lot of selling it, and doing very well. My art is evolving and I am now into doing large tropical paintings. A few days ago I sold ...
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Zora Thompson:

My early years

Children: Joe Jr, Martha, Emily, Bill, Sara, Joan, Diane, ...
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Jeff Perry:

Kilimanjaro Diary

I’m now sitting in a plane waiting to depart from Atlanta. It is raining like crazy outside with lots of thunder and lightning ...
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Ralph Appio:

I was in the service in Korea in ’51, above the 38th parallel.

I was in the service in Korea in ’51, above the 38th parallel. I was drafted with Waldo. We reported down there on Market St and First. We took our physicals ...
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Jim McGovern:

Mom Teaches Me How to Fool People

My mother had an expression that she used with me quite often. She used to say: “Jim, act like a gentleman and you’ll fool the people most of the time!” ...
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Rikki Willett:

My Mother Was Pivotal in My Life

I was the oldest; I was born when my mother was nineteen and a half years old. My dad was 25. My parents gave me a great childhood; I was really ...
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Brian Anderson:

Observations from a Family Road Trip

First leg we drug our baby and 3 ...
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John Urbanski:

I Was One of Five Kids, and I Loved Grandma’s Cinnamon Rolls

I don’t have a lot of distinct memories about growing up. My father’s family owned a business called the Old Dutch ...
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Faye Stone:

Mom Always Told me I should Marry a Veterinarian

After the commune, and Christian’s near-miss drowning, Chuck joined the Air Force. He was stationed in Sacramento and he and I and Christian moved back in together. We were giving it ...
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Michael Popovich:

I Came From a Wealthy Family in Yugoslavia

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Marilyn Patton:

In my mid-20s I discover my Identity

A person I really adored and ...
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Mickey Frazer:

Jack and I Meet While Honky-Tonkin

Alaska wasn’t too tough, because I lived in Wyoming and Montana. There really isn’t much difference between those places. I lived in the barracks, and I usually walked to work. A ...
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John Rialson:

Rodeos, Cowboy Poetry and Mariachi Music

The first cowboy poetry festival I went to was in Elko, Nevada.  I went with a friend from Sedona named Tom.  We really love the Sedona area, and will eventually probably ...
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Robert Ede:

Onward and Upward Nearly All the Way

One low point was when our boy Brian died. Other than that I didn’t have any low points. It was all onward and upward. And in the meanwhile I made a ...
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Bertine Hancock:

To Keep Peace in the Family, We Attend Two Different Churches

Well, I was brought up – my parents belonged to the First Christian Church, although my mother was raised in the Methodist I think she was always pleased that all three ...
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Elizabeth Lucille Rozelle:

Growing up in Hancock County, Ohio

My maiden name is German, but amazingly enough we are French, almost full-blooded French. I don’t speak it anymore, but at one time that was about all that was spoken in ...
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