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We Got Married During Pennsylvania's Worst Snowstorm

I went with John as a freshman then I went with other kids and he did too. But we were always friends. Senior year we ended up dating and he went into the service. Even though you dated in those days, you did things in groups.

In nursing school, he was in the service. We would go out if I was allowed out. I would have to go out at four and return at 7. But we wrote letters constantly. You weren't allowed to be engaged until you were a senior. We got engaged in March of '58. Then he called very late in the year, a couple of months before the wedding and said "I am going to Germany, are you coming?" So we had the big wedding January 3rd and left after two weeks.

We had a couple of disasters for the wedding, like every wedding. We called to check on the hall to check up on the hall and......View more...

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