I Am a Maid of Kent

I was born in England in 1952 and raised there.

I have all my initial horse experiences there with fox hunting and trekking. We had a huge horse place. We were a horse family. I was born in Kent, in Tumbridge Wells. When you are on the east side of the Kent River, you are a Maid of Kent. If you are on the West side, you are a Kentish maid. So I am a Maid of Kent. It’s just one of those old traditions.

We moved to a few different places in England. Then we went to Kenya when I was six years old. My mom was a Nurse, and wanted to work in the Red Cross. My dad was a flight instructor for the RAF. He went out to teach, so we lived in a house at the back of some coffee plantations outside of Nairobi. I used to go in the jeep with my mom and the scaris (guys from the local village) and she would visit the villages, take medical supplies, and different supplements. We saw some amazing things.

We saw some childlike superstitions that people have. In England, there is a candy called Smarties, which is like M and M’s. One of the big things was that we gave kids a bit of candy.

We came to one village, and a gentleman was all shut up in his hut. He had everything barricading the doorway. When my mom inquired what was going on, we were told that the Witch Doctor had told he man he was going to die. He was a perfectly healthy guy! He was in his 30’s.

But the person who runs the village is the witch doctor. So my mom and this doctor got some Smarties, and took out the red ones and the orange ones. They told him if he put the red one up at sunrise, and the orange one at sunset at the top of a hill for 7 days that it would break the power of the witch doctor. But, while doing that, he would have to eat and drink!

He did that, and he was fine. It broke the spell.

You have to be very careful because the people live by superstitions. The strength in their villages is built around the witch doctors. You can’t just go in an obliterate them and say this is nonsense.

You have to come in with an equivalent magic, and say “this is more powerful in this instance.” We were able to save some lives.