In Los Angeles, I Begin my Love Affair with Adult Education

For a while we lived in Los Angeles. Later on we moved to Covina and West Covina. The schools were better. I was a teacher in the Covina school district, junior high.

In 1973 I began teaching adult school. That began my love affair. I love teaching adult school! They pay less and they don’t take your masters degree into consideration. There are only five rungs to climb up on the ladder of advancement. But you have an audience that doesn’t have to be captive. The adults are free to come and go. They are in the school because they want it and they need it. There’s greater respect and more desire to learn.

I started teaching in 1973 and taught consecutively until 1988. When I finished teaching in southern California I was already 55, and the “golden handshake” was a good opportunity to retire.

But when I moved to Santa Cruz I started teaching again. I taught high school and I taught at the migrant worker program for Monterey County. I love those assignments. A little later on I drifted into teaching adult school in Santa Cruz County.

Today I wrote a letter of resignation for an assignment that was only one day long. I don’t want to be preparing lessons, but I don’t mind being a substitute teacher.

When I walk into a classroom I can very quickly assess what they need. I can use the course materials from the regular teacher and I have a few things of my own.

But since I have arthritis and diabetes I choose to ignore them as much as possible. But I keep using my brains. I always tell people as I point to my head: “the megabytes we have up here are so incredible that we are doing a disservice to ourselves if we’re not using them.”

During tax season I work for H&R Block, which is on other way of using megabytes and helping people save money. We never really like to pay taxes.