I am a Polytheist

When it comes to religions I am a polytheist. I believe that all religions have a bit of the truth as well as a bit of mythology. Your beliefs depend a lot on your emotions and how we were raised.

Nowadays I hope to accept the transmigration of souls, although this was not taught to me while I was being raised as a Christian. But this concept is the most fair. We are energy, and energy goes back to energy.

So all the energy we have a while we live can go to another soul, an animal, a plant or just stay as energy in the universe.

That way we live the eternal life that Christians preach about. And, we can be other people in other places.

When my husband I did was unfair, according to the Christian thinking, two believe that he was joining his mother in heaven.

I said to myself: “oh my goodness! He has to spend eternity with that woman!”

For me that just couldn’t be although I love her dearly. But she was hard to please.

I know that my husband’s intelligence and creativity could be put to use in another life. I was told one time that my youngest daughter inherited an “old soul.” A Buddhist woman here in Santa Cruz told me that, and I believe it. She was so wise from the time that she was very little. So calm. So peaceful. She was a peacemaker in my home.

Growing up in Cuba my mother was a Baptist and I went to Baptist cultos they called them. They were the celebration of worship and prayer and confession and turning their souls into the hands of Jesus.

As a child I accepted all of this: the drama, the intensity. At first people were hoping to be sincere but after a while it became too much of a burden with the requirements of the religion, supposedly in the name of Jesus.

God simply gave us Ten Commandments that are fairly easy to follow.

I fell away from the Baptist faith. I tried Catholicism, Presbyterian, and Methodist. I studied them all.

Not knowing much but knowing the possibility of the truth of the eastern religions I kind of combined them all. I haven’t stopped being a Christian just because I’ve adopted some of these things. Many preachers have accepted this. They realize that there is an all-embodying religion rather than the separation that we have now. There is an acceptance that everyone may be right.

For example, some people believe that Jesus was not the messiah. Who knows? He was a great man and a prophet, even according to Mohammed. He was a person who produced miracles, or at least those in his presence thought of them as miracles. Who is to say? He is as much a son of god as each one of us.

It was rare to be a Baptist living in Cuba at this time. My parents had gone as missionaries. My aunt Martha gave them some land to make a school there to train future preachers and celebrate the cultos.

It was interesting, and the singing was nice. My mother told me that she discovered that she couldn’t carry a tune while she was part of the choir. One time the choir stopped singing but my mother carried on. She realized at that moment that she couldn’t carry a tune.