A Comfortable Life, with Occasional Extravagances

I’m thankful for so much. Thank god for the life I have had and am still having. I thank him for my brains and my children and having given me 39 years with my husband.

Materially, we have been able to live comfortably. We’ve been able to be extravagant sometimes, also.

Sometimes you hear teachers complaining that they never make enough money, but I make enough!

After all it’s impossible for any body to pay for all the work we do. Some of the work has to be done because you enjoy it. I am still enjoying the medical benefits and everything else from being a teacher. Now, those things are scarce.

I am religious in the sense that I think everything happens because god allows it to happen. So I say: “I’ll be there tomorrow, god willing.”

As I said earlier, I get along with people of different religions, different persuasions, and different ways of thinking.

Right now the thing that concerns me the most is the war in Iraq. We cannot win this war. They have been fighting for many, many years.